Learn how to shoot and edit professional-looking photos for your real estate listings, rentals, or vacation/home share properties on your phone.

In this free sample training I’ll show you the right ways to frame your photos for listings as well as rentals and vacation properties.

You’ll learn:

  • Preparing a property for a shoot
  • How to frame your shots
  • How to use my preferred camera app
  • Shooting for specific marketing types
  • Accessories to use while shooting
  • Camera settings to use for real estate
  • Editing photos
  • Using presets for editing
  • Export settings

The Luxury Property Package

The definitive marketing powerhouse to showcase the angles, features, location and design that makes your luxury property something to be desired.

  • Cinematic Video

  • Vibrant Photos

  • Breathtaking Drone

  • Branded Website

  • Custom Domain

Companies we’ve worked with

Video Production

Custom video content for TV, web and social media.

Drone Video

Cinematic aerial shots for your next shoot.


We’ll help with questions, recommendations and the process.