Real Estate Agent Commercial

Working with real estate agent Matthew Welch, we learned about his approach and style dealing with clients and the type of clients helps. We put this spot together to help him establish his brand.

El Matador Vacations

We shot this extended promo for El Matador highlighting the proximity to undeveloped beaches and local attractions. Condo owners and association wanted an all-in-one info video to promote the family-friendly amenities and atmosphere.

Coastal Arts Center :30 Spot

For the launch of the newly remodeled Coastal Arts Center on Orange Beach, AL we shot this spot to play on TV and local movie theaters. Showing the many functions this center will play in the community was main purpose of the shots including wedding venue, business meetings and field trips.

Bellator Core Values

Having recently updated their corporate core values, Bellator wanted to roll out them out to their whole and as well as their clients. We sat down with the leadership team for them spell out the updated values and why they chose them.

A Camera: Nick Zitlin

B Camera: Tiffany Zitlin

Editing: Nick Zitlin