Accessories for taking better photos using your phone

Smartphone Tripod

The first accessory I suggest for taking better photos using your phone is a tripod. This simple tool makes taking photos so much easier, especially if you are going to be shooting for a while.

Once you get your tripod level, it will be a lot easier to move your phone around to take photos and not have to adjust the level and pitch so much.

A good tripod for mobile photography that won’t break the bank is the Manfrotto Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod.

Click here to view on Amazon –

This tripod already comes with a clip so you won’t need to purchase one separately.

Smartphone Clip

If you already have a tripod but need a clip to mount your phone, I would recommend you use one like this one –

Whichever clip you end up buying, make sure it can turn horizontally as well as vertically.

Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone cameras have a focal length of about 26-28mm, which is not that wide. To get an 18mm wide angle shot when shooting real estate or landscape photos my go-to lens is the Moment Wide Lens. This has be my favorite accessory for my phone lately. The image is sharp. There is no vignetting. A solid build quality makes this lens worth the investment.

Get the Moment Wide Lens on Amazon here –

In order to use the lens with your phone you will need to purchase one of Moment’s cases for your specific phone model. Here’s a link to the iPhone 7 Plus case I use –

Moment has cases for iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus phones here –

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